Sunday, March 13, 2011

EU's Herbal Laws Are Ridiculous

In May 2011 you can kiss your sweet medicinal herbs goodbye because the EU government has decided to ban them from being distributed in Europe (including the UK) by anyone without a government-approved health license. This is bad business for people in the natural health trade as herbal practitioners will not hold the legal requirements needed to sell or use herbs in their practice.

David Carter, the head of the Medicine Borderline Section at MRHA, states that this new law will be a huge step forward for retail and industry. What I and many other people want to know is, why? Why would it be a huge step forward to hinder people’s free rights? Is it an egoistic move set by government health officials so that they can have control over herbal products? I think so.


Carter goes on to say that this law will mean better safety and quality. Apparently, these herbs are causing harm to the public’s health and must be stopped at all costs. Okay, if that is true, explain to me why aspartame is still allowed in our food and drinks? The artificial additive has been scientifically proven to cause health problems that are related to nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and depression. What about sodium benzoate (E211) which has also been proven to cause health issues? A study at the University of Sheffield found that it can cause DNA damage, such as Parkinson’s, ADHD, damage to the aging process and behavioural problems. Yet sodium benzoate is still present in our fizzy drinks, which many unaware parents give to their children. This is not science fiction or some kind of health myth, this is actually happening in our world today.

The government is banning medicinal herbs that have helped thousands with health issues ranging from headaches to relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s and yet they are allowing all of these artificial additives into our foods. Their argument is usually, “there is not enough conclusive evidence to suggest that these additives can cause health problems.” Yet they do not thoroughly investigate it.

I think at the end of the day it all boils down to money. With the government putting more power into pharmaceutical companies and health official’s hands, it gives them more diversity to make even more money. No doubt with the current money crisis that the government is having, they would probably not think twice about taking money from these big companies to ignorantly pass down these laws. It may sound like some kind of fantasy but this stuff is happening today and most people are unaware of it.

Chinese Medicine Practitioners have been using these herbs for years and have a great understanding to how they react with the human body. If they posed such a danger to our health, why remove them now? St John’s Wort has been approved for years as a natural herbal remedy that dramatically helps relieve anxiety and panic attack symptoms. Why is this herbal remedy all of a sudden being classed as a dangerously potent drug when it has been on the shelves for decades? Because these medicinal herbs don’t pose any threat and it is all a fa├žade by the government and big pharmaceutical companies for greed, fear and power.

Sure, they may place our herbal remedies on the shelves of pharmacies but it will no doubt be laced with other ingredients and it won’t be as powerful and medicinal. Not to sound like a crazy and paranoid health nut but if the government cared about our health, why do they work under this system that clearly doesn't benefit the public? Because they don’t want to change the system, they believe that the system is fine and that everything else should conform or fit into the system. This is what I call “degenerative thinking” and it ultimately is the cause of a backwards effect in evolution that we are having with our health.

What we will probably see next is a ban on foods that are not ‘government approved.’ This has started to happen with the natural food mesquite being banned from our UK food chain, yet with not enough evidence to suggest why they banned it in the first place. This is not good enough and it needs to stop.

How can you help?

We have to fight against these laws if we want freedom to do what we want with our health. If we let these laws pass without standing up against it, we will always be in a “consumer residual” which means that the government and big companies will always be in charge because of a consumer demand. When we speak up in mass, we change that consumer residual and the demand changes. The big companies adapt to what we desire and mass produce it to make money. If we always demand cheerios’ and walker's crisps, we will unfortunately have an abundance of those unhealthy products. We need to change what we demand and band together against these laws.

If these laws unfortunately pass, don’t give up fighting the good fight. Keep doing all you can to go against it. We need a majority to stand up against these laws and by doing so we will surely win. I also recommend that if this unfair law does pass, go get your herbal remedies online. They can stamp it illegal but if you follow a stupid and poorly thought out law, the system will never change.

What do you think about these laws? Post a comment and let me know.

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